We are here to empower you to create your audacious confidence. 

The unshakable belief in  yourself that is so bold, so brave that you step into what's possible despite your feeling, fears or failures. To walk boldly in the direction of your dreams without limits. 

  • Our Free 7 Secrets to Audacious Confidence is a guide to help you identify where you might be missing it and by implimenting these you can gain more confidence in yourself. 

  • Building your own Alter Ego is an opportunity for you to step into your own superpower that you may not have realized is even there. 

  • Our Media Training Course will teach you the nuts and bolts, ins and outs of booking yourself in broadcast media. Radio, Podcasts, local tv talk shows or news programs. Streamline your brand, clarify your audience, learn how to present yourself and what your big idea for media is… Plus lots of additional guidance and support.


There are Multiple Ways to BE Confident!

Our courses are designed to help you identify, build and grow your audacious confidence

Meet your Instructor

Senior Instructor

Alicia Couri

As the Audacious Confidence Growth Expert and current Mrs. Elite U.S. Woman of Achievement 2020, Alicia Couri, the RedCarpetCEO™, strives to Influence, Educate, Inspire, and Entertain audiences to empower them step boldly into the direction of their dreams and achieve what is possible despite their fears. She is an Empowerment Speaker, Kolbe Certified™ Consultant, Predictive Index Certified Consultant, Author, Actor, Podcast & Webshow host, Executive Producer, Beauty, Style and Personal Branding Expert.Alicia has appeared on shows on ABC, CBS, NBC, multiple radio shows and podcasts, stars as the lead in multiple Independent movies and Best-Selling Amazon Author and co-author of multiple books on Amazon.com. Her media & video training courses are designed to boost the authority and expertise of her clients.